Ann Gardner

Moved to Rhode Island in 2006. Soon after moving here, Ann started kickboxing. She participated in a few in-house sparring matches and fell in love. She has been training and teaching fitness kickboxing since 2007. Ann recently shifted from kickboxing to boxing and found a whole new passion. Her classes are big on technique and she continues to train and learn and share that in her classes.  Ann believes “the best part of being a trainer is seeing the growth both  physically and mentally in a person. That is the greatest reward right there”.

Nick Cabral

Nicolaus Cabral is twenty-three years old and is currently living in Smithfield, RI. He graduated Smithfield High School in 2011, received an associates degree in political science from the Community College of Rhode Island, and is pursuing a bachelors degree in sociology at Rhode Island College. He has over one hundred and twenty hours community service and has achieved the rank of specialist in an artillery unit within the Rhode Island Army National Guard.  Nick currently competes with the WBFF in the male muscle model division and has lost an amazing amount of weight in the past few years. His transformation is amazing!!!

“Alyssa and Rich Gingras have helped me, and many others, develop an overall understanding of being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. One of the best tips I learned from them is being consistent, not only in fitness, but in life. Consistency gives a person a routine that can generate a habit overtime, such as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Just keep one thing in mind, make sure that the things you choose to be consistent in your life, make you happy. Happiness is what we all strive to achieve.”

Ben Kiley

Ben is amidst his Exercise Science degree at Sacred Heart University where he has been pre-admitted for his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  Currently, he is an Olympic Weightlifting competitor for the University where he received a silver medal at the 2016 Northeast Collegiate Weightlifting Invitational and the Bronze in 2016.  He has worked and trainer with many notable exercise mentors such as the former New York Yankees strength and conditioning coach, as well as the Polish National Olympic Weightlifting coach.

Steve Lombari

Steve Lombari’s passion for fitness started After High School.  Weighing in at 300 pounds and extremely out of shape and unhealthy, he knew it was time for a change.  He adopting a new lifestyle , focusing on exercise , diet and self motivation, which he still follows today.  Now, 28 years later he is a ACSM certified personal trainer and graduated from MTTI with a personal training degree.  His goal is to motivate others and to help others find and continue to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise and hard work

Edgardo Ofarrill aka Ed aka EJ

Certification: ACSM-CPT, FMS, CPR

Hobbies: FAMILY first, fitness, watching/going to sporting events, and enjoy cooking!

Specialist in: Body building, Sport specific conditioning, Functional training, Strength training, Group fitness.

EJ’s passion for fitness started at the young age of 14 after being picked on for being overweight and He decided to do something about it. EJ learned a variety of skills and training styles through his hands on experience of over 15 years. He holds a wide range of sport & fitness experience and knowledge derived from his time as a track athlete, collegiate football player, experiences in various MMA styles, and bodybuilding. Some of his recent accomplishments include graduating at the top of his Personal Fitness Trainer class at MTTI and becoming an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM-CPT).  EJ’s mission is to help you reach your goal in becoming the best self you can be. We can reach your goals together with a combination of will power, motivation, knowledge, a little tough love, with a lot of fun.

Philosophy: “I coach people and train habits.” If you’re putting in the work, then make it count!