All of our classes are for all fitness levels

We do modification for each exercise.  We also have a Saturday Boxing Technique class at 9:30 which works on form.

Your first class is FREE and after your initial class you can then either sign up for unlimited classes at $65.00 per month or you can buy classes (4 for $40.00/8 for $75.00).

Just stop by the front desk to sign our waiver for your first class; bring water, boxing gloves & wraps (if you have them, if not you can borrow some) and be prepared to work hard!!!

Class descriptions:

F2F Boxing: Using proper boxing form as our exercise we work on cardio, strength, endurance and technique.

F2F Boxing Technique: We work through forms and getting it right!!

Wildcard: Using a deck of cards, we assign an exercise for each suit and then randomly pick a card with the number being the amount of repetitions or how long the exercise is done.

Morning Lift:    Not too much and not too little; predominantly light weight with high reps to burn more fat to jump start your metabolism

Boot Camp: Full functioning exercises to incorporate as many muscles groups as possible for a hour.

HIIT: (100% effort, 100% recovery) will be using the squat press to incorporate as many muscles groups as possible.  Our warm up will be perfection of the form.

Circuit: Various stations set up to work the most muscles; we do work/rest cycles to burn those calories.