World-Class Group Fitness & Boxing Studio: Designed and operated by boxer

 and Star of “THE CONTENDER” reality show, Rich Gingras


Fight 2 Fitness is a facility that focuses on group training making it effective and affordable. Being in the fitness field for over a decade, we understand how costly personal training can be. For only $65 per month for unlimited classes, you get guidance and support from a trainer and community.


Owner Rich Gingras opened Fight2Fitness in May of 2011. Rich has had an amazing boxing career including 2005 Vermont Golden Gloves Champion, 2005 New England Golden Gloves Champion (most outstanding boxer of the tournament), 2005 Rocky Marciano Tournament Champion, 2006 Vermont Golden Gloves Champion, 2006 New England Golden Gloves Champion, 2006 Rocky Marciano Tournament Champion, 2006 National Championship Semi Finalist, 2006 Ringside World Amateur Champion and fan favorite of the hit professional boxing TV series “THE CONTENDER”. Most recently, Rich’s record has jumped to 15-4-1 and he is currently holds 2 belts including the New England Light Heavyweight champion and the UBF Light Heavyweight Champion. He won both belts while simultaneously training and competing with the WBFF in Boston and Las Vegas.


“Losing weight and accomplishing your goals through fitness is great…
But it really all goes down to what you put into your body.”
“Fight 2 Fitness has helped me in so many ways!! Their constant support and encouragement along with a great fitness and nutrition plan has helped me to become a new person!! I am now 20 pounds lighter and feel great.”
“Fight 2 Fitness is professional. There was no aspect of my customized program that left me in doubt that I was not being led down the correct, healthy path”
“The most supportive, consistent and personal experience I’ve had with a coach, where I saw constant results and trusted their opinions and techniques 100%. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
“Fight 2 Fitness was beside me every step of the way to lend support or advice.
I am officially over 100lbs lighter”

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